V-SAT Internet


Our VSAT technology offers satellite communication services to the remotest part of the country.

Microchips Systems is a key player in the satellite communication market, providing services to government and commercial organizations in a variety of sectors. Our services are extremely dependable and affordable. Microchips Systems has multiple hubs on multiple technologies (MFTDMA, TDMA, DAMA, and SCPC) on C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band. Furthermore, with the help of our mitigation services, our solutions guarantee uninterrupted services even in the event of a disaster.

We've also successfully absorbed nearly all VSAT technology from a number of prominent OEMs throughout the world. This enables us to supply any C and Ku band solution that best meets customer needs at the lowest possible cost. We've also expanded connectivity to previously unreachable areas.

For bandwidth-hungry applications, all of our VSAT solutions enable broadband connectivity (data, voice, and video). Microchips is also a Class A ISP, allowing us to deliver broadband internet access via VSATs to customers in any part of India.


Services Spectrum (Features)

  • Connectivity (DAMA/TDMA): Voice/Data/Video
  • Intelligent content delivery: Data Multicasting, Distant Learning Services, Digital Cinema, Interactive Content Delivery
  • Internet: Broadband, Web Hosting, Data Centre Services
  • Portable VSAT solutions for disaster management
  • Terrestrial mobile vehicle solutions using the latest VSAT technology
  • Onshore/offshore connectivity for Vessel, Rigs, platforms
  • TVRO solutions for vessels